Harvey’s Brewery get major reband: Exciting and sad

Harvey’s, the well-known and long-established Sussex brewery has had a huge overhaul of a rebrand costing thousands. This is something which, for me personally, is both exciting and a little bit sad.

The rebrand was announced at the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) where I was able to take a look at the new stylings first-hand. It’s been done by design company WPA Pinfold with the aim of attracting and reaching “a new generation of drinkers” and consists of a new colour palette, illustrations, slogan and typeface.

The Sussex Best pump clip is the one in most frequent use and now has a turquoise background (a nod to its coastal location), a copper coloured embossed image of the brewery which is an iconic local sight sitting next to the river and the new typeface.

You may also notice that it comes complete with added apostrophe, something which should help distinguish the brewery from other companies with the same names such as van hire and the furniture store.

Meanwhile, most of the other pump clips such as Wild Hop and Armada Ale have a white background, a hail to the local cliffs. All the illustrations look great and have been crafted with care by local artist Malcolm Trollope-Davis. The Old Ale is the only one with a rich red hue.

To my eye, they have achieved a great blend of modern style with the traditional feel of a brewery which has been around since 1790. It’s a much needed change from the traditional but admittedly tired looking pump clips which grace pubs across the land and it’s nice that they new ones are inspired by ones from back in the 50s.

Alongside the likes of the new pump clips is the tag line ‘We Wunt Be Druv’ which isn’t a Latin way of saying ‘You What Bruv?’. Instead, it’s a historical slogan from the areas meaning ‘We will not be driven’. Harvey’s says it sums up the character behind the new brand.

As well as the exciting new look, Harvey’s has announced that it plans to expand its sales area which normally only stretches as far as 60 miles from Lewes. As someone who grew up in Sussex but then moved away, this is a particularly welcome piece of news. Hopefully, as much as I love The Harp, it won’t be too long before it’s not just a handful of central London pubs where a pint of Harvey’s can be sourced. Get the official Harvey’s Beer Finder app and keep an eye out.

I was only able to see the pump clips and other branding at GBBF but it will also roll out to bottles, Harvey’s has confirmed with me. You can already see the new look on the website and it will also extend to glassware, too.

I mentioned at the beginning that the rebrand is a little bit sad as well as being exciting. That’s because growing up in Sussex meant frequent trips to the pub (there’s not a massive amount to do without driving far). By no means is this a complaint as some of the best times of my life so far have been spent with friends at various local watering holes over many pints of Sussex Best and seasonal offerings from Harvey’s.

I will still miss spotting the barrel design pump clip for Sussex Best (not the most recent one, I know, but still in use) which will always be special to me but I’m happy to see Harvey’s make a bold change and I’m looking forward to what’s next – and hopefully finally getting on the two year waiting list for the brewery tour!

Let me know what you think of the rebrand in the comments below and on Twitter.

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One thought on “Harvey’s Brewery get major reband: Exciting and sad

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  1. I’m a fan of this redesign, it’s modern, tasteful with a nod to the brewery’s tradition. I can understand why it might sting a little if you grew up around the old brand though – but I generally feel that this is a step in the right direction for Harvey’s.


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