HonestBrew subscription box review: The Beer Club

In this digital and online age, you can easily get things delivered to your door on a regular basis. Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage so I thought I’d seek out the best craft beer options in the UK starting with HonestBrew so here’s my review.

If you don’t happen to live near a decent bottle shop, or they don’t stock what you like, a beer subscription box is a great answer to your beery needs. While HonestBrew has a few options available, I took a look at the cheapest one: The Beer Club.

HonestBrew beer subscription: Price

This option is priced at £29.90 per month and that includes delivery. You get 12 beers in total so that works out at just under £2.50 a beer which is very good value for craft beer.

One of the interesting and key things about The Beer Club subscription box is that the beers come in pairs. It’s like a little boozy Noah’s Ark, although not in the sense that you get a pair of each different style of beer – see below at ‘What’s in the box?’

Having two of each beer is great if you want to share the box with a partner or friend (you could split the cost). It’s also nice if you’re drinking them all yourself when you get a really great beer because you get the joy of having it again without having to hunt one down.

Although there’s the value element, you don’t get to choose what’s in the box so that’s why you might want to opt for ‘The Tailor Made‘ for £35.90 per month. This will do as the name suggests and match the beers to your taste. There’s also ‘The Treasure Chest‘ for £39.90 per month and includes premium and rare beers.

HonestBrew beer subscription: What’s in the box?

The box will change every month of course, but here’s what I got in mine:

  • Chapel Down, Curious IPA – 5.6%
  • Ticketybrew, Jasmine Green Tea – 4.0%
  • Big Hug The Bears, Hibernation White IPA – 5.2%
  • Harbour, Little Rock IPA – 5.5%
  • Park Brewery, Gallows Gold Pale Ale – 5%
  • Buxton, Moor Top – 3.6%

It’s mostly IPAs and pales. This is in order to have a wider appeal (IPAs and pales tend to be the most popular) but HonestBrew tells me it does occasionally feature something a bit darker. Nevertheless it’s a nice selection of that area of the market and quite a few I’ve not tried before.

HonestBrew has also made sure the box has a range of strengths in terms of ABV and included a couple of more unusual flavours like the Jasmine Green Tea from Ticketybrew and the White IPA. These all rate fairly well on Untapped with the lowest score at 3.2.

Sticking to lighter-coloured beers might appeal to more customers (and it’s a good place to start if you’re new to craft beer) but many may be bored of these kinds of styles and want something more adventurous.

It’s also worth noting that by subscribing to any of the three HonestBrew subscription boxes, you get 10% off anything in the bottle shop. Although the boxes are monthly by default you can change the frequency if that doesn’t work for you.

A big part of craft beer, in my opinion anyway, is the design element of things like cans and labels. I believe this kind of thing can have a big effect on your enjoyment of products (not just beer). So it might seem like a small thing but HonestBrew has put a lot of effort into making the box look really stylish, so great job on that.


If you’re new the world of craft beer or subscriptions boxes, you can try it out with HonestBrew’s Taster Kit with no obligation. Click that link to get 50% off and bag 6 craft beers for just £9 – crazy good value to get you going.

This is my first subscription box review but I plan on doing more to compare the market. Let me know what you think about these boxes, HonestBrew’s or others in the comments below or on Twitter.

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