Brooklyn Beer Mansion London 2017: Mark your calendar


As part of its Brewery Mash Tour last year, Brooklyn Brewery brought its Beer Mansion to London. It was quite the mini beer festival so I’m excited to say I’ve got initial details on the 2017 event and more have been confirmed.

Update: Brooklyn has now announced some more details about the London Beer Mansion including. Tickets are on sale now and currently priced at £30 while stocks last (get yours here) and doors will open at 5pm. The venue is MC Motors in Dalston again and there will be food from the likes of Voodoo Ray’s, guest breweries including Thornbridge, 40ft, Redchurch and Forest Row. There will also be free stuff, games, live music from Livin’ Proof, Leo Lucini and more.

Here is the confirmed beer list for the event:

Brooklyn beers

  • Bel Air Sour
  • Black Ops Imperial Stout
  • Intensified Coffee Porter
  • Cloaking Device Porter
  • Passion of the Mango (Ghost bottle)
  • Naranjito Orange Pale Ale
  • Scorcher, Defender and East IPAs
  • Summer, Brown and American Ales
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Black Chocolate Stout

Guest beers

  • Nya Carnegie Amber
  • Nya Carnegie Hingston Eko Stout
  • EC Dahls Bolt IPA
  • EC Dahls Store Bjørn Tripel
  • 40FT Larger Kolsch
  • Forest Road Work
  • Redchurch Dry Hop Sour
  • Thornbridge Puja IPA

Original story…

I’m thinking about putting together a list of craft beer festivals in the UK on the blog (it’s now here) and it got me thinking back to some of the events I attended last year. The Brooklyn Beer Mansion stands out as one of the most enjoyable but I couldn’t find any information about this year’s.

Hoping it wasn’t just a one off thing, I asked Brooklyn via its UK Twitter account and there’s good news.

So there you have it, it looks like the Brooklyn Beer Mansion London 2017 will take place on 12th and 13th of May so you can get that pencilled in your calendar now.

If you missed last year’s then you’ll certainly want to get tickets this time around. That’s if 2016’s was anything to go by – £10 for unlimited small pours (including ghost bottles), entertainment, food and some merch!

Whether Brooklyn will give punters the same deal this year remains to be seen but it shouldn’t be too long before official details are revealed. Stay tuned.

Read my Brooklyn Beer Mansion review from 2016 to get an idea of what to expect.


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