Beer Me Bag review: A new level of bottle carrier

There are plenty of tote or even wooden beer carriers out there but none of them come close to the Beer Me Bag – check out my review.

I’ve used various carriers to transport beer over the years including cardboard options, wooden and the classic tote style. However, when I spotted the Beer Me Bag I just had to try it out. I contacted Csaba, founder of the company, and he was kind enough to send one over.

One of the usual problems with beer bags or other carriers in general is that it’s not easy to keep them with you for that spontaneous trip to the supermarket or a craft beer shop. However, the clever design here means the Beer Me Bag folds up extremely flat.

Velcro holds it together and it easily fits in my rucksack so it’s there when I need it. It’s made from a strong and hard-wearing hessian kind of material and is very well-made. Not only is it great for shopping but also taking beers or homebrews to dinners, BBQs and the like.

Beer Me Bags Folded

I took a trip to Caps and Taps in Kentish Town to test the bag out properly as I had an order to pick up. It got a lot of attention and everyone was thoroughly impressed – including myself.

It’s quick and easy to unfold the bag and the two sides are held together by Velcro creating a surprisingly solid result. As you can see, there are stretchy fabric sections to keep bottles or cans separated and the Beer Me Bag can even fit 750ml bottles.

There are four sections on either side so you can fit 8 bottles, but you could fit more in if you stick to smaller bottles – they won’t be kept as separate. If you’re carrying 750s then there’s space for 6.

Beer Me Bags bottle holder

So, the Beer Me Bag is brilliant and you’re probably wondering where you can buy one. Sadly it’s not available on Amazon just yet but Csaba is hoping to get it on the site at around £10.

It’s actually designed as a product for breweries, craft beer shops and the like to sell on – so if that’s you and this is the kind of thing you’re looking for, check out the official site and get in touch.

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