Best craft beer advent calendars 2017

Apparently it’s nearly Christmas and even though it’s only September, you can already pre-order your beer advent calendar for 2017 (to see 2018’s offerings, see here). Like last year, here are the best ones around to choose from.

These days you can get a huge range of different adult advent calendars containing all sorts including gin, whisky and more. Craft beer is no exception and there are quite a few boxes to choose from – I’ll add more as they become available, like Adnams if it does one again.

A large crate of beer is 24 cans or bottles so it’s a perfect match. The countdown to Christmas is on…

Honest Brew Ultimate advent calendar

Price: £114.90 inc delivery and voucher

What you get: Although it’s got a price tag almost double some others, the Ultimate advent calendar from Honest Brew is the most interesting one I’ve seen this year. Instead of getting things like a can of Camden Hells (not very Christmassy), you’ll get beers that are a lot more fascinating.

There’s still 24 beers but they will be IPAs, double IPAs, imperial stouts, barrel aged beers, sours and more. These will be ‘extremely limited beers from one-off runs in small quantities’ up to 11.5%. The price tag is softened somewhat with a £10 voucher for your next order.

View it here



Hop Burns & Black advent calendar

Price: £70 pre-order inc delivery and voucher (normally £79)

What you get: Last year’s had 25, but this year you’ll only get 24 beers from HB&B but there’s a special pre-order price (until 1 November) which includes a £10 voucher to spend at the shop.

It’s also promised that you won’t find a better one out there with HB&B saying “The guiding principle behind our selection is always “Will this beer going to [sic] make people very, very happy when they unwrap it?” If the answer is yes, in it goes.

View it here


Beavertown advent calendar

Price: £65 +£8 shipping

What you get: If you’re a fan of Beavertown then you can get an advent calendar full of skull-clad brewery’s beer.

The Beervent Calendar has 24 beers inside as with most. All of which will be 330ml cans and there will be a mix of core range – like Gammaray – as well as ‘special beers’ so perhaps some collaborations. Beavertown does warn there might be some repeats but these will be kept to a minimum. There’s also a version with merch inside for £10 more.

View it here

beavertown beer advent calendar 2017

To Ølekalender

Price: 900 DKK (£105)

What you get: To Øl’s advent calendar is highly regarded as is back once again to satisfy you daily count to Christmas needs in beer form.

You’ll get 24 beers, both bottles and cans, inside fairly plain but numbered box. I’m sure the beers will be high quality and you even seem to get some bits of foliage, too. said the surprised inside will be “perfect for welcoming and cherishing the mooost wonderful time for a beer.”

View it here

ToOl beer advent calendar 2017

Hoptimism advent calendar

Price: £75 inc delivery

What you get: There’s no picture to get an idea but on paper the Hoptimism advent calendar looks like decent option. There won’t be a fancy box but beers will be individually wrapped.

It’s great that there definitely won’t be any supermarket beers in this calendar and any hop forward beers will be marked so you can get them in the fridge. It’s also cleverly thought out as stronger beers like imperial stouts will be for Fridays or Saturdays where possible.

View it here

Hoptimism beer advent calendar 2017

Ales by Mail advent calendar

Price: £67.20 pre-order inc delivery until November (normally £74.50)

What you get: The Ales by Mail advent calendar is pretty affordable and has removable windows so you can use it like a proper advent calendar. As with last year, there will be 24 beers inside – all 330ml bottles covering a range of styles.

Breweries featured will be from the UK and abroad. Unlike some others, Ales by Mail has listed the 24 beers ahead of time so you can check before you buy if you don’t want a complete surprise. Check out the list here.

Ales by Mail also has a can only version for £65 as well as a Pick Your Own option which is effectively a £16.20 supplement for putting your beers in the box below.

View it here


St.Austell & Bath Ales advent calendar

Price: £65 inc delivery

What you get: As usual a festive box contains 24 beers to lead you up to Christmas Day from these two breweries.

Here you’ll get a selection of different styles including chocolate souts, hoppy ales and ‘everything in between’. St.Austell says you can expect favourites (likely beers such as Tribute) as well as ‘a few unexpected surprises’.

View it here

St Austell beer advent calendar

Adnams advent calendar

Price: £54.99 (+ £2.99 delivery)

What you get: The Adnams advent calendar is back for 2017 and is once again the cheapest around.

There are 24 beers inside with a mix of bottles and cans. Rather than 24 different beers there are 15 so you get a few repeats. There’s not much else to it other than a festive box.

View it here

Adnams advent calendar 2017

Craft Metropolis advent calendar

Price: £75 including delivery and voucher

What you get: Instead of just bunging a box together, Craft Metropolis did a survey to find out what people want in a beer advent calendar. The result means it will include Blood Orange IPAs, Double IPAs, Pale Ales, Sours & Smoked Porters.

Breweries features will include Crate, London Beer Factory, Gipsy Hill and Howling Hops. There’s also a tasting notes book, pen and a voucher for 4 free beers.

View it here

Craft Metropolis Advent Calendar 2017

Honest Brew advent calendar

Price: £64.90 pre-order inc delivery (normally £74.90)

What you get: A second entry for Honest Brew with it’s cheaper regular option and this year the advent calendar comes with 24 craft brews once again but in a new box that has a refreshed design now with windows, artwork and is stronger.

There are no snacks this year and no breweries are listed but beers come in both cans and bottles ranging from 2.5-6.5% – the Ultimate case above has stronger and more seasonal beers. Beavertown and Siren are teased in the photo but that’s no guarantee.

View it here


Flavourly advent calendar

Price: £59 pre-order inc delivery (normally £79)

What you get: Although it’s more expensive than last year, Flavourly’s advent calendar is the cheapest around if you pre-order. There’s 24 cans (330ml) in this one so it’s a ‘canvent calendar’ featuring some of the retailer’s favourite beers of the year as well as some ‘new and exciting surprises’.

There’s no indication of abv but it will contain a wide variety of styles – Tiny Rebel Cwtch and Northern Monk Mocha Porter are shown in the photo as examples.

View it here

Flavourly beer advent calendar 2017

Beer Hawk advent calendar

Price: £65 pre-order inc delivery and voucher (normally £75)

What you get: For 2017 Beer Hawk is promising a ‘journey through the very best of today’s beer scene’. This will include 4 exclusive beers, 17 styles and 23 breweries representing 7 countries.

A festive box is essential and you’ll also get a £10 voucher if you pre-order making it a pretty good deal.

View it here


Best of British advent calendar

Price: £75 pre-order inc delivery until 1 October (normally £95)

What you get: The Best of British advent calendar comes in an impressive box shaped like a Christmas tree. There’s not much information apart from that you’ll get 25 beers rather than 24. You’ll also get 330ml beers with a mix of styles and breweries.

If this does sell out, then the retailer also has a Christmas Beer Cube at £65 which is very similar.

View it here


Let me know what you think of this year’s selection of beer advent calendars in the comments below and on Twitter.

BrewDog advent calendar

Price: £70 (+ £5 delivery)

What you get: Should none of the above suit and you’re a fan of BrewDog then this is the one for you. The punk brewer promises that the value of the beer inside exceeds the price tag.

You’ll get a range of different beers including ‘barrel-aged beauties’, ‘seasonal favourites’ and ‘small batch one-offs’. So here’s hoping that means no standard beers like Dead Pony Club or 5AM Saint.

View it here

BrewDog Advent Calendar 2017

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