Beavertown cans Stingy Jack… and not in the good sense

Has pumpkin beer had its day in the UK? Well it’s certainly looking that way with the latest news from Beavertown.

I love this time of year for so many reasons, including a number of great autumnal beers (look out for a round up soon). Events like Halloween and Bonfire Night mean it’s time for pumpkin beers but there’s bad news for fans.

Beavertown has confirmed to me that it has discontinued Stingy Jack, the brewery’s spiced pumpkin ale. It’s my wife’s favourite Beavertown beer and I thought plenty of people loved it, despite the style being seemingly the marmite of the beer world.

However, Beavertown said: “We’ve stopped doing Stingy because people just aren’t into it I’m afraid.”

It seems last year there was loads left over the Tottenham brewers couldn’t shift. “We did just the one brew of it last year and had cans hanging around into December so we’ve decided to drop it from the range,” said the firm.

While pumpkin ale remains a big thing in the US, it looks like it might just not be a goer in the UK aside from the odd import like Brooklyn’s Post Road and Flying Dog’s The Fear. A look on the internet and I’m struggling to find English breweries making any.

I’m no huge fan of the style but I’m still disappointed about Stingy Jack. What do you think? Love or hate pumpkin beers? Let me know in the comments below and on Twitter.

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