Goose Island BCS 2017 UK launch: When and where to buy

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout is one of the most highly rated and sought after imperial stouts going and for 2017 you can get it in the UK. Here’s all the details. Go here for 2018 BCS.

Like last year, Goose Island is bringing Bourbon County Stout (BCS) to our shores and it will no doubt go down very well with British punters.

The Chicago brewery initially announced seven different varieties of BCS for 2017 which recently got cut to six due to a quality issue with Reserve Barleywine. It’d be great if we got them all but Goose is just bringing the regular stout again.

Goose Island describes it as: “One of the world’s rarest and luxurious beers, brewed in bourbon barrels for 9 months.”

Bourbon County Stout UK release date & price

This year you’ll be able to get BCS 2017 on 24 November in the UK. Black Friday is the traditional launch date.

Bottles will be sold for £20 each – it will be limited to 2 bottles per customer.

Where to buy Bourbon County Stout in the UK

Goose Island has confirmed that BCS 2017 will be available from Beer Hawk. There will be more than 100 bottles this time around, with 250 available online.

You can also get BCS 2017 if you’re in London from Ghost Whale, Brixton and Kill The Cat, Shoreditch. Each will have 100 bottles at 11am, limited to 2 per customer.

Those further north will have to head to Bundobust in Leeds or Manchester. It will come in the form of a dessert paring at 6pm for £25.

You can also head to the Goose Island Vintage Ale House which will be tapping this year’s stout on 24th November (arrive early is the suggestion)

There’s also a special tasting event with the British Bourbon Society pairing four beers with whisky. It’s on 22nd November and tickets are available here and attendees will have a chance to buy the 2015 version of BCS.




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