5 of the Best Autumn Beers: Time to celebrate malt

It’s officially Autumn and for many that means mourning the end of the summer but on the bright side it’s a time that brings with it some great seasonal beers.

As much as I enjoy fruity IPAs and other summer beers, I’ve got a massive soft spot for red and brown beers. They’re not the glamorous superstars of the beer world but to me they’re damn tasty and the world would be a lesser place without them.

Hops might be ‘the face of beer’ if you like but it’s time to celebrate malt, so here are 5 of the best beers for Autumn – plus a bonus entry.

Five Points – Brick Field Brown (5.4%)

Five Points Brick Field BrownLaunched last year, it’s round two for the Hackney brewery’s brown ale. It’s an English style brown with oats on the malt bill and Willamette hops, the oats making it extra smooth. If you like a nutty ale (think hazelnuts here) Brick Field is worth trying in bottle and on cask but only the latter is available this year.

Keep an eye on the official Twitter feed to find out where it’s on.

Harvey’s – Old Ale (3.6%)

Harveys Old Ale

If you’ve read some of my other blogs you’ll know I’m a bit of a Harvey’s fanboy and this is my favourite old ale. It’s not brewed specifically for autumn but is a great dark session beer with its lower abv in bottle form (4.3% on cask). The flavour is still packed in though, otherwise it wouldn’t be an award winner.

A bonus entry for this round-up is Bonfire Boy which is Harvey’s November seasonal. A sort of stronger, bolder and more robust version of Old, it’s worth seeking out.

Find it here

Fourpure – Beartooth (5.3%)

Fourpure BeartoothThis was actually the first of Fourpure’s beers I tried, on a cold and crisp evening at Luton’s finest establishment fittingly called The Bear Club. It’s an American Brown style beer using four different malts and two US hop varieties. Flavours include caramel, coffee and chocolate, plus this year’s new can design looks great.

Find it here

Wild Beer Co – Rooting Around (4.6%)

Wild Beer Rooting AroundAs the name suggests, Rooting Around is a beer made with foraged ingredients available to the brewery. This edition is all about figs and it’s not just made with the fruit. There’s branch wood involved and toasted fig leaves also feature, giving a coconut element to the flavour profile.

Find it here

St.Austell – Ruby Jack (4.6%)

St Austell Ruby JackNamed after famous Cornish heavyweight boxer Bob Fitzsimmons, Ruby Jack is a gorgeous red ale with all the right ingredients for a great beer on a cold night. It’s nicely balanced in terms of sweetness and bitterness. It’s drinkable yet rich in flavour including burnt toffee, dark fruit and biscuit. The addition of rye in the malt bill adds a hint of spiciness.

Find it here

A big thanks, once again, to Becca Martin Photography for the images.

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